welcome to my top 5 videogames of all time (remember this is my opinion)

top five games

  • 5. Pokemon GO
  • I picked this as my ten spot because over 1 billion people installed it and that was under a year and had so many little kids on the phone for hours and they were playing while doing exersise they also had lots of products producing while the game was still popular they also had so may people get in acidents because people on there phone with driving and also them playing and seeeing where the step and with there newest update they have released the legendary birds also lots of peole were going to great langhts to get a pokemon .

  • 4.Tetris
  • Tetris is in my number 4 spot because it was made in the year 1984 and its 2017 and people sitll love the game and still play it and its still not dieing out the poit of the game is to not let the shapes make it to the top and fill up a full row without any gaps and it will dissapere so manty people still play this game and there are newer modes of the game now you can play with other people and see who wins this game was originaly made for the game boy but now you can get it on your smartphone computer and other things

  • 3.Super Mario Bros
  • I pick super mario because was released in 1985 and thats what started all of the newest mario games that people know and love. Thats why the made it on my number 3 spot and its also a really good game. This game you can get on your computer and this game started the game series and the graphics have gotten a lot better to and nintendo just released there newest mario game that is a hitt too so for the mario games that you love you can thank this game that started it all

  • 2. Players Unknown Battle Grounds (pubg)
  • I put this in my number 2 spot because its a good game and it was released in 2017 for computer and will be relesed next mouth for xbox its a fps game that you need to sirvive and get loot from houses and while tring to avoid being killed by an opposing players and tring to stay in the bule barrier this game had bin getting lots of fame because of the fameous people that play it you can also group up with ur friends and play together DONT TOUCH THE BULE BARRIER

  • 1. Grand theft Auto V (gta V)
  • I put this in my number 1 spot because it a game that lots of people play and it was released on 2013 and people still play it and lots of people play it and make videos on it and get famous off of it from trolling little kids its a third person shooter and it has online and story and mode its the of the most played game the game takes place in los antos as the group of three people go on heist missions and a lot of other stuff there is also side missons that you can do you can also get your stats high .